Guardians of the Elements 

Book 1
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Powered by Fire

Consumed by passion. 

Taken by evil.

Ashlyn Woods, Fire guardian of Aether, never imagined she would be kidnapped by a doctor driven by obsession and greed. His nefarious plan includes harnessing Ashlyn's powers for profit and revenge.

Consumed by unimaginable forces that draws him to her, it falls upon Hawk, the Protector, to rescue the tempestuous Fire Guardian. Their unrequited passion and an inexplicable pull wax and wane between the two.

Ashlyn and Hawk, together, uncover a shared telepathic link they must tap into in order to bring her home safely. Soon they discover, by opening their hearts, the connection between them goes deeper than either of them ever imagined.

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Book 2
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Marked by Water.
Immersed in magic.
Worlds collide.

On the run for her life, scientist Brooke Barrington takes refuge in Aether, a village cloaked in magic. It's people, endowed with gifts powered by the Four Elements, are challenged to maintain balance on the planet. Joining forces with the Atherians to thwart a plot to steal their powers, Brooke is thrust into a world which defies logic...

As they prepare for the fight, Quill a handsome and charismatic Protector, insists her future is tied to his. She resists her feeling of attraction, but Quill is relentless in his pursuit. When Brooke uncovers a hidden secret, she must decide where her destiny truly lies.

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The House of Air:

The stories of Zephyr, Guardian of the House of Air and her sister the Protector, Skye